Common Sense Cybersecurity with US and EU law insights

Am 26. April von 18 – 21 Uhr laden wir Sie ein zu einem Fachvortrag im Rahmen des Cyber Security Berlin Meetup. Sponsored by Cybertrusion. Gäste sind herzlich willkommen. Der Eintritt ist frei. Aufgrund der beschränkten Raumkapazität  ist vorherige Anmeldung jedoch erforderlich. Die Veranstaltung an diesem Abend findet in Englisch statt.

Thema: Common Sense Cybersecurity with US and EU law insights
Vortragender: Peter Sonnenthal
Veranstaltungsort: Unicorn.Berlin, Brunnenstraße 64, 13335 Berlin

Venue: Unicorn Berlin / House of Startups. The venue is a brand new and stylish co-working space, at the address (Brunnenstrasse) of the former King-Kong Club.

Summary: Common Sense Cybersecurity With US and EU Law Insights, is a talk which will bring you up to date with new cybersecurity legal requirements and present fresh insights from the latest research on what really works.  The US regulatory agencies are actively imposing cybersecurity on their regulated industries.  The EU’s new data protection rules will impact every entity that holds or uses European personal data both inside and outside Europe.  This talk will survey these and other related developments in one fast paced evening.

Speaker Bio – Peter Sonnenthal:
Peter Sonnenthal is licensed to practice law in the USA in New York and Colorado. He worked at the US Securities and Exchange Commission from 1984 to 1996 where he was involved in investigating major financial fraud and insider trading civil and criminal cases including Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken.  Since 1997 he is self-employed.  Currently he works on advising Startups, mentoring, editing, and he is focused on cybersecurity issues. In 2014, he funded the publication of the first Startup Guide Berlin book which has grown into a series covering Aarhus, Copenhagen and soon Stockholm.  Startup Guide Berlin Vol.2 was recently released.