Digital Money, Bitcoin and Cybercrime

Course titel: Digital Money, Bitcoin and Cybercrime

Course type: Intensive course on our online learning platform, in a small group along with other participants

Course length: 2 weeks (every Monday to Friday, weekends optional for practical exercises)

Course objectives: You will get an overview of current electronic payment schemes and digital money. You will learn how hackers attack such systems and you’ll gain insight into the use of digital currencies by organized crime. You will have a deeper understanding of existing attack- and protection methods. This provides you with decision guidance on the evaluation, selection and operation of payment methods and digital currencies.

Course contents:

  • gold bitcoinOverview: development of secure electronic payment systems from the beginnings until now
  • Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Paypal, Skrill and Co.: differences, advantages and disadvantages
  • Bitcoin: functionality, security, usage scenarios, legal aspects
  • Blockchain – the technology behind blockchain: how does it work and which solutions are possible via blockchain algorithms?
  • Bitcoin alternatives: other relevant crypto currencies and their differences
  • Money laundering and organized crime: the importance of Bitcoin, selected examples
  • Anonymous payment systems: odds and risks, what is possible
  • Mini crash course “Cryptography”: digital signatures, public key infrastructures, X.509 certificates, SSL, HTTPS and more
  • Micropayment systems: overview and Überblick und sinnvolle Einsatzgebiete
  • Homebanking: attacks and protection mechanisms, comparison of widely available solutions
  • Prepaid cards: security problems and how to avoid them
  • Online shops: how fraudsters can manipulate the payment process and electronic shopping baskets
  • The importance of chip hardware in smartcard security
  • Fintechs: just hype, or the end of traditional banking
  • Presentation and discussion of practical exercises

Finance Digital Data Accounting Technology Concept

Over the course, you will regularly work through small tasks and receive tips and feedback from the course leader. You will discuss the course contents together with other participants in internal discussion forums and are able to participate in expert exchanges. Finally, towards the end of the course, you will create a short text based on a self-selected question (task takes a half to whole day).

Certificate of completion: if you completed your homework and your participation was regular you will receive upon completing the course a certificate of completion. The small tests are exclusively for your personal self-assessment; no grade is given.

Advantages: intensive, daily support from course leaders, discussions and expert exchanges with other participants, regular self-assessment through multiple choice tests and quizzes, working through various tasks including feedback.

Profit from the experience of other expert colleagues and our subject matter experts, from their approaches and tips for successfully completing demanding projects.

Who should attend: This course is aimed at consultants, companies and government employees with one of the following requirements:

  • You are entrusted with the selection, evaluation or operation of an electronic payment system
  • Your company develops, plans or brings to market innovative finance- and payment solutions (“Fintech”)
  • You are involved in security- or risk assessments of payment solutions
  • You have to know appropriate requirements when planning digital payment projects or tendering
  • You work in law enforcement and need to know how cyber criminals use anonymous payment systems
  • Anyone who for work reasons wants to find out more about Bitcoin, digital currencies and electronic payment systems


Prerequisites: Our courses are directed at participants with a background in at least one of the following areas: cybercrime / payment systems / cryptography / information security.

Requirements for participation:

  • You would need to plan in half a day (or a whole evening) daily for working through the course contents and practical exercises
  • You will require a computer with connection to the Internet, a word processor of your choice and the ability to create PDF documents


Tuition | Dates | Registration:

  • Course date: currently in-house only
  • Early Bird Discount: if you register up to one month before starting date: your course fee is 980 USD
  • For late registrations (30 days or less before starting date): 1180 USD
  • Payment is to be made after registration is confirmed. Places are limited, and as such early registration is recommended



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