Other Services

Our core task is in education and further training in the area of cyber security. In this we support professionals in attaining the right qualification for the job in hand. Yet this support can also take on different forms; we’re not just concerned with offering further qualifications to your own workers. Locating new security specialists, whether as fixed workers or external advisors, is a demanding and increasingly tough task. We can help you with the selection process.

Selection of external consultants

As a rule, larger companies have a continual demand for external security specialists. Over the years, ordering customers gain experience and understand their consultants’ expert knowledge and project management skills. Companies which only occasionally contract security projects are reliant in searching and selecting consultants on said consultants’ self-presentation. A person lacking in good knowledge of the field will of course struggle in the expert assessment of possible candidates.

Tell us which expert knowledge your project requires. We will create an appropriate professional profile for you and support you in choosing a well-qualified supplier. We can go examine and compare offers received, carry out an interview, and collect supplementary information for expert and substantial qualifications. Due to our long-term experience in security consulting we know what is at stake.

Screening suitable workers for filling your full-time position

You want to employ an IT security specialist and are looking for an independent assessment? Or to ensure, for example, that candidates bring the necessary expertise with them? A wrong job offer can have serious consequences. For this reason, you should not just rely on a personal impression. We are there to help by the (professional) screening of your applicants, via an interview, going through an application, and particularly via a standardized test. Whatever helps. We can also support you in advance in formulating professional requirements for the job description. Ask us – we are happy to explain further details of our methodology.

Career coaching for cyber security specialists

Job applicantDo cyber security specialists require coaching in order to get their next job? Surely not. Demand far outstrips supply. However, if you are looking to further develop a particular speciality or apply for a particular position, it can be sensible to suitably prepare the necessary steps. The right specialist and consolidated knowledge plus additional qualifications can offer you a decisive advantage over your rival applicants. We are also happy to help you prepare the contents of your application. As a rule this support does not require much time. For participants in our further training the first consultation is free.