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CYBERTRUSION, LLC is a U.S. company with branches in Europe, completely dedicated to cyber security training and exercises. For the development of our training and course contents we make use of our practical experience as security consultants, lecturers and IT security professionals. All our trainers worked or still work in industry or government organizations and have many years of practical experience.

We have partnered with the Department of Homeland Security to implement the National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.
We are adopting and aligning our training to the US National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (Workforce Framework). The Workforce Framework is one of the foundations for increasing the size and capability of the cybersecurity workforce. It is led by the Department of Homeland Security and aims to help build and maintain a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce to protect the nation.

The Management Team

TZ business portrait Thilo

Our training manager is Dr. Thilo Zieschang (→LinkedIn), who has been active in Information security (engineering, consulting, teaching) for more than 20 years. Thilo is a professor of computer science at Albstadt Sigmaringen University. He was founder and managing director of an IT security consulting firm and has advised numerous banks, security agencies and technology companies.  Thilo studied mathematics and computer science with a PhD in cryptography. He is a member of AFCEA (Los Angeles Chapter) and ISACA (Los Angeles Chapter).



Event organization and administration are overseen by Martina Seiler (→LinkedIn →Xing). Amongst other roles, Martina was for many years administration director of EUROSEC, and has recently been administration director at Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Freiburg.